Where I bring my friends?

Ceainaria Infinitea

Tea house which you will love even if you are not a big tea fan.

Not easy to find and you better make a reservation.

Mon-Fri 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Sat, Sun 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Cismigiu Garden

Few minutes walking from historical city center. 

Rent a boat in summer or ice-skating in winter.

There are few places to eat and drink with a nice view. I recommend La Biblioteca. It has one of the best pizza in the city but you can pay with cash only.

Energia Bar

Five minutes from Cismigiu Garden. 

You need to visit it just to eat pork ribs there. I hate pork ribs but the ribs they cook are amazing.

Don’t worry about ‘reserve’ sign on each table. They put it to have right not to allow inappropriate visitor like gypsies. 

Cocktails and shots are horrible – don’t recommend. You better drink beer or wine.

What you need to know about places from you travel guide.

Chentru Veche or Historical City Center

Five years ago it was a nice place. Now only tourists and gypsies go there. Romanians prefer to skip it since all legendary places were closed and proper public left it. 

I still bring my friend there if they come to Romania for the first time:

  1. Les Bourgeois – proper food at decent price.
  2. Dristor Kebab – you need to try their shaurma. This is probably the oldest place in the city center.
  3. True Club – It was one of the best places in the past and it was called ‘Oscars’. They try to bring the spirit back with live concerts.
  4. Cărturești Carusel – It sounds strange but visit this book store.

Important thing. DO NOT take a taxi on the exit however drank you are – order Uber. What is more important – DO NOT go to massage salons (sex offers) .If you are drunk and want to have fun – use internet. And for sure do not accept any drug offers there even if it is marijuana. 

Palace of the Parliament – the biggest building in Europe

They have standard excursion tours of 1 hour long and you cannot visit it without being a part of it. During the tour you will see 5% of the building only but it is still worth visiting.

It is hard to find where to enter to the building for the excursion. See the image.

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