Where I bring my friends?

The best way to travel to Brasov from Bucharest is by train. I say so because if you go by car or bus you can find yourself in a few hours traffic jam in the mountains. Check train schedule.

Where to stay in Brasov?

Kronwell Hotel

The best hotel and SPA in Romania with the worst location. You will find it right next building to the train stations in Brasov. 

Another negative thing about this hotel is that you would NOT want to leave it.

It is expensive and far from the historical city center.

La Despani

Cheap, extremely clean and perfect for families.

They have all things for BBQ, swimming pull, sauna and amazing owners.

Still far from historical city center.

Wood House Republicii

Right in the old city center but with good noise protection windows.

It is hard to find if you are drunk but thanks to amazing owners you can do it without seeing them just by phone instructions.

Where to eat and drink?

Terroirs Boutique du Vin

Romanian wine testing and good supplementary food. I must say that the price for the wines are close to the shop price.

At certain point supplementary food became very good. They change menu all the time and the last time it was not proper.


Festival 39

The oldest place in the city. Breakfast, lunch, drinking in the evening – all good.

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