I was born in Russia and live in Romania.

After all affairs with big companies I decided to work on my own with a team of independent IT/Web professionals.

We help small and medium businesses to find their way online and use different IT tools for better business organisation.


Controls all international operations of Russian gas sales


Nearly free food and gym with a sauna on the same floor.

Don’t think – just make a summary of analytics.


Never ever again work in a company with a state capital.

Makes everything that goes on rails in Russia


Great team of crazy Russians who competed with international corporations.

One good trustworthy friend for a lifetime.


Do not ever work for a Russian company owned by Russian oligarchs.

Carnegie Endowment For International Peace


First job after University.

Great team and people.


I don’t want to deal with politics anymore.

My First Job Story

While studying in my university, a friend of mine asked me if I can take her work while she is on vacation.

She was working in the best HR executive search agency in Russia as an assistant for one of the main headhunter.

I said – YES. (as a student I always had a lack of money)

Funny story:

In this work besides reviewing about 300-400 resumes per day, I had to interview some of them.

My headhunter at some point asked me to make a first stage interview with a guy for a General Manager postilion with minimum 10 000 USD salary per month (I am not talking about bonuses which were more than I can imagine)


I was hysterical. 200 USD was my living per month back then.

I saw an old guy entered to the office with watches on his hand which worth an apartment I assumed.

I didn’t want to enter one room with him – he would have smashed me.

I remember I was standing and smoking. The legendary headhunting guy came out to the smoking room.

He said: what is wrong? – I explained.

He said: Ok. You enter to the room and say to him that you are an assistant who just wants to make his CV better because he already fits this proposal. Then, he said, you start making standard interview.

I did it and it worked.

Studied International Politics in the Best University of Russia


My university MGIMO is more known in Russia as an impossible one to enter until your parents are high ranked officials or very rich people. My parents worked in a factory, ran small business and were never rich or had any high level connections.

My lessons from university:

  1. Reading is a great joy. All you need is to find a proper book.
  2. Friends is the only capital you gain in your life.
  3. Nothing is hard or impossible.


Born in 1981 in Bogoroditsk, Russia


My parents was only 19 years old.

In fact I was born in the USSR not Russia, but 10 years after the USSR disappeared.

There are 3 great things from my childhood and teenage time:

  1. My parents let me have my childhood with all stupid things children do. They never told me what to do and always supported me with all crazy ideas.
  2. Main lesson from mother: Whatever you really wish to happen will happen – there is no other option.
  3. Main lesson from father: This world didn’t exist before your birth. It appeared with your birth and will disappear when you die. Take care about it and remember that only you can change it for better or worse.

Where is it?